Is the Right Retreating?

Kathleen Parker has written an interesting piece at the Washington Post in which she  suggests that there is a schism occuring between the old guard of the religious right and a younger generation of christians.  If true, my feelings would not be hurt by a more discrete role for christianity. If you read my previous post, you’ll find that I support the right of wing nuts to practice whatever religion they choose…with the caveat that they should not force their beliefs upon others to the detriment of a persons fundamental rights.

The other area where I am greatly concerned regarding the undue influence of religion is in scientific endeavors. Religion is perfectly UNREASONABLE and should not play a role in regulating science in any way.  I can hear the christians now…but MORALS are needed for science. There’s not a god and morals don’t come from it; morals are the standards arrived at by a group of people (us) so I’m quite certain that we’ll still have them if religion disappears right now….oh, I can only hope!


~ by evangelatheist on April 4, 2009.

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