Saudi clerics propose “bannanation of gurlz”

This is some SUPER RICH fucknuttery!!

Wahhabist wackos are trying to exert their influence over the newly appointed information minister in Saudi Arabia. They have proposed banning females from TV and other media outlets. How damn absurd can you get? So these ultra-conservative fools have long required women to wear the burqa or abaya, but now they want to decrease the presence of women in society even further. I am amazed not only at how backward these people are, but where they would like us to be. I hope the women of Islam rise up, strip off their burqas and strangle their oppressors with them.

Yet another fine example of religion ruining the beauty that is human existence. The nonexistant allah, much like the nonexistant gods in all religions, is being used to oppress a group of people with no hope of overcoming their situation. Just what the world needs: wackos trying to return us all to 7th century. Call me an infidel if you must, but this is NOT my idea of a good time.


~ by evangelatheist on March 23, 2009.

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