Religitard exercises kid

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Am I really supposed to believe that this guy was trying to make his kid’s life better? I mean, seriously, what is wrong with religious people?

How many kids are going to have to suffer in the name of religion before we do something about it? Don’t give me that shit about “Not all religious people beat their kids.” There are enough of them to warrant much more investigation. Religion gives you an out: the devil made me do it. Fuck you if you think this! There is no devil! Take responsibility for you own actions. This kind of thing pisses me off.


But think about the kids…

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Here my friends is some seriously screwed up TV.  I was just flipping through when I saw this and think that it qualifies as brainwashing. The only “vibes” coming out of this were the child molester variety from Chip, the host. Just ewwwww!

Is the Right Retreating?

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Kathleen Parker has written an interesting piece at the Washington Post in which she  suggests that there is a schism occuring between the old guard of the religious right and a younger generation of christians.  If true, my feelings would not be hurt by a more discrete role for christianity. If you read my previous post, you’ll find that I support the right of wing nuts to practice whatever religion they choose…with the caveat that they should not force their beliefs upon others to the detriment of a persons fundamental rights.

The other area where I am greatly concerned regarding the undue influence of religion is in scientific endeavors. Religion is perfectly UNREASONABLE and should not play a role in regulating science in any way.  I can hear the christians now…but MORALS are needed for science. There’s not a god and morals don’t come from it; morals are the standards arrived at by a group of people (us) so I’m quite certain that we’ll still have them if religion disappears right now….oh, I can only hope!

What an interesting week it’s been…

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Not really, but it has been really busy. I don’t think it will get much better, but we shall see. But enough about my work week, I have some verbal vomit that I’ve been saving up all week. These thoughts are not in any particular order.

Today, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of striking a 1998 law banning same sex marriage. Definitely not what I expected, given the track record of the American public recently. I’ll talk more about this later.

I went to graduate school in the Washington, DC area and am currently looking for a permanent job back in that area. As such, I regularly read the Washington Post. They’ve recently started a new blog: God in Government. [Note: In general, I will not capitalize the word god as I do not believe that a superstition should be offered more respect for any group (e.g. christians) compared to another (e.g. hindus).] The very thought of any supernatural being playing a role in government is NOT my idea of a good thing.  The authors, Jacqueline L. Salmon and Michelle Boorstein, intend to “specialize in the latest news on god in Government.”  I’m sure this will provide plenty of fodder for me over the next eons!

Here’s a first dose from these ladies: They relate the situation of HHS Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius and the threats aimed at her by Archbishop Joseph Naumann of the archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.  Sebelius is apparently VERY unpopular with the hateful man in the dress as she supports abortion rights. It seems he has spoken to her at length about the necessity of voting the catholic way and has informed her privately and publically  that she is not welcome to partake of the ritualistic cannibalism so popular with these delusional wackjobs. So let me get this right: this jack ass and his church with a 2K year history of killing people in the name of their god want to push this woman around because she believes people have a right to believe differently than she does. Three cheers to Sebelius! and a VERY loud STFU to Naumann. Keep your nonexistent god out of my government.

One of the things that I feel very strongly about is separation of church and state. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion in the First Amendment.  It also erects a wall between church and state in the same amendment. Thomas Jefferson, in his letter to the Danbury Babtists, has been used to support this idea throughout a variety of Supreme Court of the United States precedents. I’m not quite sure how, but it seems the American public has lost sight of this ideal and has forgotten this very important lesson. For example, another of the god in Government posts concerns the banning of books in prison that “could incite, promote or otherwise suggest the commission of violence or criminal activity.”  I like to think of myself as a “reasonable person” when musing about constitutional law and will spout my untrained thoughts regarding such things as I choose to address.

Banning books in prison is an incredibly complicated situation, but here are my thoughts. Free speech reigns supreme: I think book burning is unconstitutional on its face. The government does NOT have any business telling the citizens what they may or may not read! Freedom of religion: Yeah, I don’t believe in gods or other supernatural things but if the average idiot wants to…I DO support their right to do so.  Freedom from religion: The government has NO business choosing religious books that are allowed based on their ability to incite violence or other criminal behavior. All these things being said and true in my mind, I have a solution: no books! Prisoners are in prison for a reason. They have done something contrary to the social contract by which we all must abide to continue in society. [Yes, I know…not very liberal of me but you’ll find that I don’t always abide by the “liberal ideology.”]

Back to Iowa and their decision to allow gay marriage. My own personal argument is something like this: Freedom of association: I can love who ever I want to.  Equal protection: If straight people can have their relationships recognized, I should have mine recognized also. Freedom from religion: The wingnuts shouldn’t be able to force their religious beliefs on us through government regulations.

This is where the Iowa decision is so unusual:  the court chose to address “the reason for the exclusion of gay and lesbian couples from civil marriage left unspoken by the county: religious opposition to same-sex marriage.” WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever read any court decision that has the court addressing an issue that wasn’t presented by either plaintiff or defendant, much less an appeals court or supreme court doing so.

I am, however, quite pleased that ISC chose to do so not once,  but twice. First, the court finds that “civil marriage must be judged under our constitutional standards of equal protection and not under religious doctrines or religious views of individuals.” The court further finds that “a new distinction based on sexual orientation woudl be equally suspect and difficult to square with the fundamental principles of equal protection….”  So, not only did this court maintain the wall between church and state of it’s own accord, but it reinforced the equality of a historically persecuted group by preempting a “separate but equal” civil union solution.

Hear, hear Iowa!! May you live up to your perceived role as a leader of civil rights action.

Saudi clerics propose “bannanation of gurlz”

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This is some SUPER RICH fucknuttery!!

Wahhabist wackos are trying to exert their influence over the newly appointed information minister in Saudi Arabia. They have proposed banning females from TV and other media outlets. How damn absurd can you get? So these ultra-conservative fools have long required women to wear the burqa or abaya, but now they want to decrease the presence of women in society even further. I am amazed not only at how backward these people are, but where they would like us to be. I hope the women of Islam rise up, strip off their burqas and strangle their oppressors with them.

Yet another fine example of religion ruining the beauty that is human existence. The nonexistant allah, much like the nonexistant gods in all religions, is being used to oppress a group of people with no hope of overcoming their situation. Just what the world needs: wackos trying to return us all to 7th century. Call me an infidel if you must, but this is NOT my idea of a good time.


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In the comments over at TFN Insider, Ben proposed a significant improvement to the creation myths provided by the various religions of the world:

“I call it the Satan-wrote-the-Bible theory. Why? Because Satan wrote the bible, that’s why. Here are the main tenets of my theory:

1. There is no god or gods; the theory of evolution is accurate.

2. The earth (and everything else) was formed as a result of the Big Bang, billions of years ago.

3. We don’t know how life originated, and we may never know.

4. The only supernatural entity in existence is Satan. He didn’t create humankind, but he does have some limited powers than can be quite annoying. For instance, he has affected our thinking to make humans believe in thousands of different “gods” throughout history. He gives them funny names like Mordak, Zeus, and Yahweh, just because he thinks it’s humorous.

5. Satan wrote the Bible as a means to torment mankind. He wants us to think there is a wonderful afterlife, but there isn’t. He got a real kick out of filling the Bible with stonings, genocide, slavery, incest, etc. He also wrote the Koran and some other religious texts just to stir up trouble.

6. Satan planted the idea of intelligent design into some humans’ brains as a means to create havoc on earth. It appears to be working. Just look at the Discovery Institute. They are in the grip of Satan and don’t even realize it.

7. Satan occasionally uses his limited powers to create “evidence” of intelligent design. For instance, he might make some organisms appear irreducibly complex. He also makes some people think the planet is much younger than it really is.

8. There were a lot more fossils around that would have satisfied everybody, including creationists, as far as transitions, but Satan destroyed them.

The funny thing, I have as much evidence for my theory as creationists have for their theory. And not a single creationist has been able to prove my theory wrong. You’re welcome to give it a shot.”

Why is this an improvement you ask? I direct you to points 1, 2 and 3. Oh, my Satan! Is that science in this creation myth? How beautiful! Furthermore in point 4, Ben has decreased the number of supernatural beings to ONE. I’m a strong proponent of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. In all seriousness, this  “Satan-wrote-the-Bible” theory is just as much bullshit as all the other theories proposed by religions.

As a side note, Ben and I have NOT used the word “theory” in the scientific sense of the word. Instead, it has been used in the “hijacked by creationists to confuse the nonthinker” sense which wikipedia so eloquently describes: ” The term is often used colloquially to refer to any explanatory thought, even fanciful or speculative ones….” My own emphasis added to highlight bullshit parts.

Out of the Atheist Closet

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This is my first post, so let me tell you a little something about myself:

I am an atheist. I do not believe in the god(s) of any religion. There is NO evidence to support the existence of a supernatural being that has created anything much less the entire universe. It’s utter bullshit! Made up by humans throughout the ages to explain things which they were unable to comprehend, religion is nothing more than a means by which people allow themselves to be controlled. In the unlikely event that there is a god of some sort, chances are you are not a member of the right religion to help you out anyway. Think about the enormous number of claims that have been made that some particular sect is “the true way.” I’d rather make my bets in Vegas…the odds are better.

Religion is often touted as being benign. Hmmm…what’s that smell? BULLSHIT! again. Look around; the negative effects of religion are visible throught society. Whether the pedophile priest being protected by their church (and it’s not just the catholics with this problem) or the abortion provider murdered by the pro-life zealot or the christian murdered by the fundamentalist hindus. Religion is hypocritical bullshit and needs to be stopped before it succeeds in destroying the very society which created it.

I hope you will join me in exploring what it means to be an atheist. Until next time, I wish you well and hope that reason, not the destructive forces of religion, rules your life. Don’t waste your highly evolved ability to think for yourself.